why do you need accurate translations?

Communication is essential. Especially when you work in the food and agricultural industry, where a high percentage of the employees speak Spanish or Portuguese. Even the best performer can struggle with your requests or directions and in this case, you’d be counting on their personality to admit they did not understand. This little action may affect the bottom line. Countless are the times where you think you were clear but people end up doing the wrong thing!

Translating electronic devices might help but, Are you willing to risk your operation by delegating communication to a machine?

This is what happens when you rely on Google:

translation fails.png

We know having good electronic translations is difficult. We can do better than Google.

Are you Interested in accurate translations? We have been doing translation work specific to the food and agricultural industry since 2001. We guarantee our work through our step-by-step translation process involving several quality checkpoints by several translators. Reach out at info@tctsglobal.net to discuss your project needs.